I am requesting that you verify yourself through one of these options, so that I feel safe to spend time with you.

Acceptable ways to verify your identity with me are:

  • An invitation URL link to view your P411 page.
  • Information for one previous provider you have seen that provides a reference; with their name, their number, your name, and phone number they know you by, and the last time you saw this provider.
  • A state ID where you can block out all of your personal information, except your photo and name.
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile in conjunction with a business card that matches your name and information listed on your LinkedIn. To use the LinkedIn method, you must send both the LinkedIn profile link, and a photo of your business card.
  • A photo of your business card in conjunction with selfie or another link that accurately shows your online presence.

The faster this is provided, the faster you can be booked. Any details of an appointment will ONLY be discussed during said appointment. If you need to discuss something more than your verification with me you can book a consult. My time is as valuable as yours.

Updated procedures to book

I no longer need to know if you are vaccinated or not. Select the best choice for your needs and let me know when you are ready to book.

  1. Take a rapid test the day of our scheduled appointment (preferred) and send me a photo of the test. If you take a rapid test you will not have to wear a mask to enter.
  2. Take a short 7 question confirmation questionnaire the day prior to our appointment time. If you choose this method I ask that you wear a mask until we are inside the treatment room. And when you leave the treatment room.

How to book your appointment

In your first message to me please include: 1. your name. 2. your verification choice. 3. What type of appointment you’re looking for. 4. Your preferred date and time. 5. How much time you want. Preferably in the form of a full sentence.

If you want to book a weekend appointment, make it by Friday prior to the weekend. Weekend appointments are based on my availability.

Example: Hi Scarlett, My name is Adam, I emailed or texted you my verification information. I would like an hour on Wednesday at 10:00 AM, is that time frame open?

In any future appointment messages please include: 1. Your name. 2. Your preferred date and time. 3. How much time you want. When you give me what you want first, it takes less time, and will likely result in you getting what you want that same day.

Example: Hi It’s Mark, I’m free today between 12 and 4 pm I’d like an hour and a half, or 90 minutes, does that work for you?

If you can not take the time to write a full sentence, we may not be a good fit for a booking. Please do not repeatedly text or email me with questions without sending your verification first, or if I have not replied to your message.

If you can follow the format above you will get what you want faster. I book for myself, I work for myself. I’m in a full time intensive coaching program right now and it helps me to preserve my time when this format is followed. I’m all about working smarter, not harder, I hope you are too? My time is as valuable as yours, right? Respect mine, and I will respect yours.

Please read my auto replies, if I am not at my phone that will let you know why.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.